Try My Fun Box for just $19

What you get?

  • Fun projects that will get the kids off the iPad.
  • Cool stuff to keep them busy so you can get stuff done.
  • Educational activities that will get them learning while having fun.
  • All materials and instructions needed to complete the projects.

Watch the video to see how much kids LOVE the activities …

“My boys definitely spend too much time on the iPad and so signing up to My Fun Box was a step towards less screen time and more creative & crafty stuff. They are so happy when they’re immersed in being creative and you just can’t go past their excitement when the package arrives at the door with their name on it!”

Natalie Cutler-Welsh, Co-author of If Only They’d Told Me

Here’s some examples of the fun, educational and crafty boxes
that will arrive at your door every month

So what is My Fun Box?

  • Themed activity boxes for kids aged 3 to 10
  • Three hands-on projects per box
  • All materials and instructions needed to complete the projects
  • Boxes are delivered to your door

What skills will your child learn?

Our boxes aren’t full of paint and crayons! With activities like convertible frisbees and balloon cars, our activity boxes will develop and improve your child’s eye-hand co-ordination, attention skills, patience skills, temporal spatial skills and mathematical skills to name a few.
But one of the most important benefits of My Fun Box is the quality, hands-on time you will have with your child and the memories you’ll create together.

What’s inside a My Fun Box …

Here’s an example: Holiday Boredom Busters

  • Learn to juggle with three hacky sacks.
  • Kids will never be bored again with the boredom buster jar.
  • Watch colours explode when making a tie-dyed t-shirt bag.

All materials and instructions included, though you will need a pair of scissors as well.

inside activity box 3

Try My Fun Box for just $19